The Homeless are here if you choose to look

3 Comments on “The Homeless are here if you choose to look”

  1. gregory dent says:

    Homeless Diabetic in need of your help, please send donations to gregory dent, po box 152, graham, florida, 32042

  2. jeff whistler says:

    I am a Diabetic, with many amputations, liver damage, lung damage, heart problems, can not walk with out great pain, my joints hurt a lot, but to beg for money on line is very low class, having gone through a living hell on earth during my time of being homeless I can understand why you would beg. yes it is pretty easy just to say to ppl “help me I am a victim,” sometimes we need help. I went in to a mental heath place said I was going to kill my self, I lied. The hospital would not help me. I was running a fever and in so much pain for three days I did not eat or drink much water just laid in bed in profound pain. now I am trying to get back in shape and start a small business, I had one before I got sick, I had gone to the hospital so often I could no longer do the kind of work I had done before. during the three days I lay on my bed suffering in pain my foot exploded in a shower of blood and puss, this took five months to heal. So I am starting my business it is simply called Jeff&David tree trimming and then it lists the other things we do such as window washing, gutter cleaning, power washing and so forth, I have some equipment but need more window washing things, it all cost money as I am on disability I can only spend so much money. so if any one needs a expert window washer or light tree trimming, give us a call at 408-620-0788 my email is we work in the San Jose area. And so this is but a part of my story I am 54 but strong and getting fitter everyday,

  3. That is a fantastic dilemma! From every thing which i have go through around the topic it seems that normally will only occur if extreme zxt bee pollen is lost rapid and no training or toning is finished to tighten that pores and skin along the way in which.Slow and steady is usually finest to keep that from occurring! You’re younger, in order that does support alot!

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