InnVision in San Jose Ca


Emergency Shelters / Temporary Housing

Montgomery Street Inn (MSI)

358 N. Montgomery Street, San Jose, CA

Emergency Shelter

Montgomery Street Inn provides homeless men emergency shelter in a dorm room setting with 85 beds. The men receive case management and employment assistance. They are able to use the computer lab, attend regular meetings to support recovery from drugs and alcohol, and are linked to vocational and employment services.

Transitional/Supportive Housing

When the men staying at the MSI have secured full-time employment, they become eligible to move into the Transitional Housing Dorm. They work closely with our Transitional Housing Case Manager to maintain employment and sobriety, and to begin seeking permanent housing. Each man has his own private cubicle, available 24 hours to better serve those working swing or graveyard shifts. The men pay a small program fee and may stay in the Transitional Housing Dorm for up to 10 months.

Julian Street Inn (JSI)

546 W. Julian Street, San Jose, CA 95110

Emergency Shelter

Julian Street Inn is the only facility in Santa Clara County that provides emergency shelter to clients diagnosed with mental illness. We have 70 beds available for individual men and women diagnosed with mental illness and actively engaged in the mental health care system.   Clients may stay for up to 60 days.

Our Day Rehabilitation Program offers rehabilitation services to residents and former residents, Monday through Friday.  Individuals receive one-on-one counseling and support as well as participating in support groups. Support groups are designed to help clients increase coping skills, maintain sobriety, and develop resources to help them maintain independence.

Commercial Street Inn (CSI)

260 Commercial Street, San Jose, CA

Commercial Street Inn provides emergency shelter for women and women with children for up to 90 days. There are 12 family rooms and 15 private cubicles for single women. Due to the facilities design, boys over the age of 11 are not permitted to stay in the shelter. Women pay a small program fee after the first 30 days. While in the shelter, women work closely with a case manager to secure transitional or permanent housing.  Daycare, employment services, and counseling are provided to break the cycle of homelessness.  Meals are provided and all residents assist with daily chores. There is a computer lab available on site and the Learning Zone Homework Club, an after-school program, is offered Monday through Friday for school-aged children.


Transitional/Supportive Housing

Stevens House

San Jose

Stevens House supports 8 graduates of JSI.  Residents may stay in this transitional housing for up to two years.  Each resident pays a small fee and is expected to contribute 20 hours a week in community service.  Regular house meetings are facilitated by an on-site case manager who works closely with each resident to ensure each is on-track with planned goals.

The Villa

San Jose

The InnVision Villa provides transitional housing for single women and women with children. A community kitchen, common rooms, play area, and computer lab are available for all residents. Individual units are wired for telephone service.  The Learning Zone Homework Club is offered twice a week for school-aged children. Case management is part of the program design and includes regular house meetings and educational workshops. Residents must be employed and pay 30% of their income for rent, and maintain residency for up to two years.

HomeSafe – Santa Clara and San Jose

San Jose, 408-251-8064
Santa Clara, 408-557-9088

HomeSafe provides shared housing for 150 survivors of domestic violence with sites in both San Jose and Santa Clara.  InnVision works closely with Charities Housing and the Domestic Violence Collaborative to develop a transitional housing program designed specifically for survivors of domestic violence. Next Door provides on-site support services and counseling for residents.  The community center has a computer lab and a childcare center.

CLICK HERE to go to the InnVision website.


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