Meals On Wheels in San Jose Ca

Meals on Wheels


333 W Julian St, 4th Fl, San Jose, CA 95110
(408) 975-4860
(408) 975-4830 Fax

The Santa Clara County Meals On Wheels Program delivers 7 breakfasts and 7 frozen meals which may be used for lunch or dinner once a week to homebound seniors unable to cook or shop for themselves. The delivery includes 1/2 gallon low fat milk, a loaf of bread and assorted grocery items. One delivery meets 2/3 of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for an adult for a week. Meals may be heated in a microwave or conventional oven. A suggested donation of $1.80 per day is encouraged. Deliveries are available throughout Santa Clara County.These meals are made available through a partnership between Santa Clara County Social Services Agency and the Council on Aging Silicon Valley (COA). Participant donations contribute to a portion of the cost of the meal


5 Comments on “Meals On Wheels in San Jose Ca”

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  2. mark robinson says:

    is meals on wheels available to disabled Non-Seniors? I am in dire health straights, living in San Jose on a pittance, while trying to get treatment for life threatening disease, and am not eating well. SSDI is my only source of income, and I have no transportation. Can you help?

  3. Danielle D Goins says:

    Hi, i am E-mailing you on behalf of myself. I am not a senior. I would like to know if a disabled person such as myself who lives with a deadly disease in san jose, Ca. My apatite is poor i only eat one meal a day and that is dinner and nothing else. I only get one source of income and that is SSI. I don’t drive and i’m deaf. Are you able to help me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Apply for outreach paratransit for rides’ free. Sr. Centers have lunch daily. Food banks free too. .99 store for veggies, frozen, staples.

  4. Anonymously says:

    There are 2 MOW offered in San Jose. One is through SOURCEWISE & the other through The HealthTrust. The first program gives a loaf of bread, a half gal. milk then alternates with juice. There was only 1 banana fresh. Everything else is packaged processed food. The second program is called a hot meal. It is because they deliver daily & you choose your beverage of milk or 4 oz of juice. HealthTrust delivers daily. None of the food is fresh. Only a piece of fruit or cut up melon or grapes removed from the stem are offered. You get very few vegetables for anyone who prefers a larger amount of vegetables or fruit in your diet, neither of these programs is great for any person who watches their sodium intake or fiber. It’s not what I’d call healthfood. I do not recomend these plans for any senior who wish’s to maintain dietary health. They might do better using a brown bag or a food bank for nutrition. I’m sorry I must be so critical. I needed help due to severe financial & health limitations. It looks like I might do better getting my food from a food bank & preparing it myself. I have mobility issues & arthritis in every joint where it’s very difficult to fix meals for myself. However, I’d rather eat less than consume processed sugary cereals, processed foods, packaged foods, canned fruit full of sugar, starch, chemicals. Thanks but no thanks. This is a shame people feed seniors in need this way. It’s depressing! Shame on you.

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