EHC LifeBuilders, in San Jose Ca IS NOW HomeFirst (408) 539-2100


If you are homeless, at risk of homelessness, or know someone who is, or if you’d like more information on how one of there programs can help you, click Read More…

Click here for EHC lifebuilders website.

By email:
By phone: 408-539-2100, Option 1


Housing Services Partnership for Homeless Individuals
EHC LifeBuilders’ One-Stop Homelessness Prevention Center
Boccardo Reception Center
2011 Little Orchard Street, San Jose
(408) 510-7525
Hours: M-F, 8:30 a.m. -5:00 p.m.

13 Comments on “EHC LifeBuilders, in San Jose Ca IS NOW HomeFirst (408) 539-2100”

  1. Martha Nieto says:

    Interested in employment

  2. Follow AWKATEK RAMOS’S HOMELESS song titled, GOD’S CRY @ Arkatek Ramos on

  3. arcadia campa says:

    I help please.iam homeless with 2 boys the agess of 3&13.iam staying n car.

  4. helen says:

    please help disabled living in car with my son

  5. I pray that all that are in need receive help ,and that you all Are Blessed!God bless you and Get in Church .God Is REAL!!!!!!

  6. We’ve been homeless for the last seven years. I now have steady income, but now i just need help finding affordable housing. If you can please help me in any way possible. Contact me at any time. 323-425-5550

  7. Aisha Carr says:

    4 person family consisting of 2 adults 2 children in need of reasonably priced housing in Santa Clara County. Weeks away from becoming homeless, landlord lost home we reside at in his divorce settlement and need to move ASAP. Can not afford the rent prices out there right now and Housing List is closed and no one seems to want to help. What can we do?

  8. EHC Lifebuilders is now HomeFirst info is below………
    Call (408) 539-2100 and select option 1 if you are homeless, at risk of homelessness, or know someone who is, or if you’d like more information on how one of our programs can help you. You can also click this link for more information or call the Santa Clara County shelter hotline (1-800-774-3583) for pre-recorded information in English and Spanish on shelter availability for single men and women, families, and youth. Our services for adults and our shelter are located at the Boccardo Reception Center, 2011 Little Orchard Street, San Jose. You can take bus lines #66 or #68 and exit at Curtner Avenue Monterey Road. The BRC is also within walking distance of the Curtner Light Rail Station.

  9. donna says:

    Hi is there anyone who can help me get into low income I been homeless with me husband and 4year old daughter. ..plz email me as asap thank you

  10. nah awil says:

    I lived there,10 years ago But it was different than I heard now.
    we, lineup outside 5pm for bed lottery.
    if you won lottery you got bed.
    thanks, I got one bedroom in buffalo new York now.

  11. True Grit says:

    This is a phony representation of what realy goes on at home first.
    Most staff are drug addicts and former clients of home first that have a set of rules for some but different for others.
    I have been in a new start program for almost six months with no hope for housing or fair treatment.
    I have filed grievances to Linda that have never been answered,
    The danger of violence because of the nature of the clients grows and no one is safe,
    The kitchen program is ruled by cooks that cater to clients that are proven to be violent and take it apon there selves with out training
    to give them knives even though other clients have been threatened.
    When someone is killed or dead they still won’t wake-up.
    Drug testing is void for this place is a drug enabled program…

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