INNVISION – Commercial Street Inn Shelter, San Jose Ca

Commercial Street Inn Shelter

260 Commercial Street, San Jose, CA 95112

At this location
55 beds for women & children, including after school tutorial programs.

  • Emergency Shelter for women & children only
  • Transitional Housing
  • Georgia Travis Center (GTC) MultiService Drop-In
    across the street

9 Comments on “INNVISION – Commercial Street Inn Shelter, San Jose Ca”

  1. Cyndi Maskolunas says:

    Hi, I cannot get through by phone. I need help and my phone number is 408.438.8134. I’m off work at 6pm and hoping to talk or stop by. Please don’t e-mail me; my soon to be ex-husband is nosing into all of my e-mail.

  2. anonymous says:

    I need to get on the waiting list. I have no phone. Is it possible to do through email??? I’m desperate. It’s me and my daughter

    • Anonymous says:

      call from a pay phone and give them a email or someones phone number that you speak to often and know that they wont change there number . They will call i was on the list for 2 months they called. Its a start to self sufficiency. Its not a free ride you have to be working and you have to be able to pass a drug test. What is nice about this shelter is that they not only give you shelter but they help you find affordable housing. It will take you to work the program to make it work so pay attention and be very grateful .
      Good luck.

  3. Martha R. says:

    Went there almost 3 months ago for pg & E help before disconnect, which I was told would be paid. 2 months ago, pg & e cut off my service. I gave up after several attempts to call in and going back over to office 3 times they claim person handling not in. I manage to make a payment arrangement but could not honor so I got another disconnect notice to pay in full by 23rd! I just don’t the money to pay. Can I please get help with this immediately. It will be so awful if my kids and I to have to go without power! I just don’t have money to pay. Please someone Help! Also send email as I my home phone is shut off!

  4. Sylvia Casillas says:

    How do you get on a waiting list? Im recovering from a stem cell transplant, on disabilty. Have to leave my apartment next month.
    Sylvia Casillas
    408 637-3418

  5. Thuy Do says:

    I would like to know how to support for dinner at Innvisions

  6. Alicia ferrari says:

    Hi my names Alicia Ferrari I’m currently homeless with my 2 daughters I’m wondering on how I will be able slto sign up

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