INNVISION – Julian Street Inn Shelter, San Jose Ca

Julian Street Inn Shelter

546 W. Julian Street, San Jose, CA 95110

At this location
70 beds and rehabilitation services for men & women diagnosed with mental illness.

9 Comments on “INNVISION – Julian Street Inn Shelter, San Jose Ca”

  1. John Morgan says:

    my daughter is in the program and i would like to know why the women can get into the mens room and have sex china Hernandez and Johnathan Nixon have been having sex for awhile
    in this program i read it on my daughters text with china she is a known prostitute and i have tried to keep my daughter away from her because she is into bad things, i would hope that you would look into this matter and see why this is being allowed this should not go on there its making the program a bad name and i and my associates have been sponsors of in vision and want to know its being run properly. please look into this and stop it before it gets out of hand

  2. John Morgan says:

    hope this matter can get immediate attention and resolved so the program can continue to
    operate on a safe and healthy means for all those that are changing their lives for the better

    • Patti Dolan Clinical Director says:

      Hi Mr. Morgan, I am the Clinical Director of JSI. Please know that I am very interested in hearing your concerns and I want to invite you to email or call me directly to discuss them. My email address is, and my phone number is 408-271-0820 x237. Thank you, Patti Dolan

  3. Anonymous says:

    John I forwarded this to all departments at Innvision. Waiting like you for a response.

  4. We always appreciate persons who care enough about our facilities to escalate their concerns and comments. Although we cannot comment due to confidentiality and privacy issues, we do investigate and approach all information with the utmost attention.

    Brian Greenberg, Ph.D.
    VP/Programs and Services
    InnVision Shelter Network
    phone: 650-685-5880 ext. 116

  5. Linnea Johnson says:

    Hello, I realize the delicacy of the situation re sex. Client/consumer rights are of utmost importance and the sex should not be an issue of mental illness but of appropriate behavior related to time/place. As long as the two are adults and able to consent, there shouldn’t be any issue with the right to have relations.
    I’ve heard it argued the sex should be allowed to go on in a place the client considers “their home”, even temporary such as a shelter or even a psych facility. I am sure the shelter network has a policy addressing this.

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