Casa de Clara, San Jose Catholic Worker Shelter, San Jose Ca

318 North 6th Street
San Jose, CA 95112

Volunteers needed:

Our community provides emergency shelter to homeless women and children. We
have been engaged in this ministry for over 30 years. Sadly we are among those
CW houses that has experienced a loss of full-time, long-term community members
in recent years, imperiling our mission of service to a few of the 7000 people
homeless in our area.

Our greatest need is for those who wish to make this a way of life for
several years or more. It is only with such folks that a community can thrive.
We also accept short-term (6 ths -1 yr) members & some students over the

Most of our scheduled work is in the mornings & evenings and on weekend
days. It may be possible for community members to maintain a part-time job or
take a class during the weekday.

Prior community living, volunteer experience, and understanding of the needs
of homeless women are helpful. Needed skills include cooking, cleaning, house
maintenance, gardening, newsletter production and community out-reach. A
commitment to non-violence, simple living and a faith-based lifestyle are
required. Please have an open-mind & heart , a sense of humor, & lots of

Please email us at:

2 Comments on “Casa de Clara, San Jose Catholic Worker Shelter, San Jose Ca”

  1. I am looking for a shelter to go to with my 4 childrem! My boyfriend was deported and the person that was renting with me left and were we live now is too many people and i cant stay long! Please.someone help us!

  2. Donna says:

    I am looking for a place for my daughter and two grandchildren to live. she gets unemployment but just needs the help to find a small house or apt to rent and to help with the deposits. She is trying to make it in her own with her husband. Is their any church or shelter that will help her?/

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