Heart Of the Valley, Services for Seniors

Senior Logo

Heart of the Valley


Who We Serve

Heart of the Valley serves adults 59-years-of-age and older who reside in West Santa Clara Valley.

Our Service

We can help you with:

  • Shopping & Errands
  • Escorted Transportation
  • Minor gardening
  • House projects
  • Telephone assistance
  • Filling out forms
  • Writing letters or bills
  • Computer assistance
  • Liaison between children/parents
  • Temporary respite
  • Companionship/visitation
  • Taking your pet to the vet or groomer
  • Cleaning out closets or sheds
  • Handyman projects
  • Small home repairs
  • Referral assistance
  • Hazardous waste pickup

If you have other needs in mind, run them past us. We may be able to help or refer you to someone who can.

Services are provided on a single or short-term basis. Every time you need us, you will have to set up an appointment. We require a seven day advanced notice.

Service Area

You can view a version of the Heart of the Valley Service Map at Google Maps. This is a map of the areas we serve. Clicking on the points shows a list of zip codes that we serve in the respective cities.

If you would like to contact Heart of the Valley, you can call our office at (408)-241-1571, send us an email at seniorservices@aol.com,

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