Pro Bono Project, San Jose Ca

480 N. 1st Street, San José, CA 95112



The Pro Bono Project provides quality, caring representation to clients with


limited means in Santa Clara County. Pro Bono trains and mentors volunteer


attorneys to assist clients with divorce, child custody and child support


cases, as well as paternity and domestic violence issues. In addition to family


law, Pro Bono attorneys help clients enforce employment and consumer


foreclosure and bankruptcy rights, advise clients about filing small claims


and using the Superior Court Self Help Center.

The Pro Bono Project serves more than 2,000 clients each year.

 Over 400 volunteer attorneys assist clients with family law matters including: divorce, child custody, child support cases, and guardian cases as well as paternity and domestic violence issues.

The Project helps in defending evictions.  The volunteer attorneys prepare responses, provide negotiation with the landlord to attempt to settle the case and provide legal representation at eviction hearings. 
The Project provides limited scope and self-representation help in the San Jose Federal Courthouse for US District Court cases.  
Pro Bono attorneys also help our clients enforce employment and consumer rights, and advise clients about filing small claims and using the Superior Court Self Help Center.


5 Comments on “Pro Bono Project, San Jose Ca”

  1. ANGEL J. RETANA says:

    Im in a situation,childsupport is taking $375 a month from me for a child that i know is not mine! When this child was born, i was & had been living in another city for almost ten years! Just a couple of weeks ago they started deducting my pay for this child. They said they served me papers in 2010, but i never recieved anything! What are my rights & how do i go about this & prove that this child is not mine!! Its really affecting my life. Please if there is anyone who can help me i would really appreciate it! My contact number is (408)509-2581

  2. Marietta Begay says:

    I need assistant in forms filing …. husband owns home and business and I am struggling on the edge of homeless with physical injury . Stress is overwhelming and confusion.

  3. cassy husted says:

    I am a resident manager and my employment was terminated on Friday, June 6. At that time I was given a 7 day notice to vacate. that means 7 days to find a job and a place to live. my understanding of California law is because I have an employment contract similar to the lease contract and I pay rent as part of my salary, I should have received a 30 day notice. 7 days is not sufficient or reasonable to find another place to live let alone a job. also, they gave my supervisor a 30 day notice at the time they let her go a few months back, which makes them inconsistent. I have been trying to contact lawyers and thought I had one but it is now one day away from the deadline and I havent heard back from him other than he is checking with his partner. I need help now. I really hope you can help.

  4. Vaani says:


    Looking for family attorney.

  5. Ghostshark says:

    I think you’ll find a lot of valuable information at this site.

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