We realize that every human being deserves respect and dignity.  Often for those who live on the fringes of society these important conditions are nonexistent or slighted. 

Trying to help a little. If you are aware of locations we should add or take out just let us know.


15 Comments on “About”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am the coordinator of Casa de Clara whose private communication from the Catholic Worker Website has been copied and printed here. This has no relevance to the local homeless folks and is no longer current even for those who would be seeking a pastoral position. If you wish to list our shelter & phone # please do so but not with this misplaced information.
    Thank you.

  2. cbcoutreach says:

    Hi —

    Please consider adding downtown.cbclife.org to your list. We serve terrific, healthy sandwiches every Saturday at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library in downtown San Jose.

    Thanks for putting this site together!

    — David

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank You David for all you do

    • sohan singh or (sunny) says:

      hi david this is sunny thank fof feeding to homles peopal I need tennis shoe size 9/2 or 10 my phone #408-882-7890 pleas call me any time then I b ther same time

      • David says:

        Hi —

        I’m David from the Downtown Outreach. I’m not Sunny, the OP, but I figured I’d provide an update.

        We saw Sunny yesterday morning, got his email around 11:00, and followed up by phone.

        We hope to provide some shoes for him right away, depending on what donations look like after today’s Sunday services. We also provide gently-used clothing on the first Saturday of each month, but this month our partners had to move it to next week, so hopefully we’ll have something for him soon.

        If you could change our contact info to downtown@cbclife.org, that would be great; those emails automatically forward to our leadership team, so responses are often even quicker. We promise a response within 24 hours of an email, and, in Sunny’s case, he got our call at 3:02 PM, so that’s not bad.

        Thanks for all you’re doing at the sanjosecommunity blog! God bless you —


  3. Todd – are you saying you would rather indoctrinate children with the false claims of religion then actually try, as a society, to raise our children properly? I am sure they will appreciate our dishonesty when they grow up. The failings of some youth have nothing to do with a lack of faith – it has to do with a lack of parenting or poverty. None of which is helped by religion.
    kredyt na dowód http://www.kasa.waw.pl/

  4. Folks who run this site: EHC LifeBuilders has changed its name, website, email addresses, and many of its programs since your information was published. For updates, please contact Claire Wagner, Director of Communications, HomeFirst, 408-539-2142 or cwagner@homefirstscc.org. Thank you!

  5. Nancy duarte says:

    Please send information regarding programs for homeless

  6. @Nancy Duarte – programs and services depend on the individual or family. Email us at info@homefirstscc.org for more info.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am looking to volunteer at one of the women’s shelters. I can’t seem to find anywhere to apply.

  8. Maxine Brings-Plenty says:

    Helping people in need……. I don’t know if this is the right organization to contact for donations of winter clothing. I am homeless w/niece & are in need of warm insulated snow mobile outfits, as we will b leaving the California area heading to the Dakota’s & it’s weather is sometimes below -0. If there is organization’s to donate such clothing, greatly appreciated. My celfone # 801-666-1532

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