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  1. Anonymous says:

    I praise your support to the community. We citizens have no voice anymore. Google you can make a difference. We have too many young adults with no place to call home. They can;t get a job, they have no transportation, no medical or dental. They are depressed, hopeless and lost; Some are children as young as 14 or younger. We need a safe house, where the can call home. Where they can get back to school, Have food and a bed. A place until they can finish their way into a house of friends and working together. I dream of the day , when are children can dream again. Again just a thought that weights on me all the time.

  2. Nancy McIntyre says:

    I support your efforts, and hope that you are able to meet the needs in this community. Unfortunately, you have a driver who parks ON the sidewalk at my property, and leaves his truck idling, on the corner of Hedding and 15th, despite a No Stopping restriction, our protests that he impedes pedestrians and that WE are responsible for the maintenance and repair of that sidewalk. There is plenty of alternative parking, so this continued abuse seems provocative and aggressive to us. We have notified you by phone, with no response, nor resolution.

  3. jeff whistler says:

    I was homeless, but now I have a place to live thanks be to God most high. Yes I am disabled but before I became to sick to work I had a business, a very small one, and now I am trying to start over again and get off ssi, I am very grateful to the ppl who helped me get the disability, I got it in three weeks. If any one would like a expert window washing or small tree trimming or if you need odd jobs done give us a call at 408-620-0788, by the way I have been on tv getting a small award for starting and helping homeless ppl I was on ch 11 Mary the girl who does the wine country interviewed me, I have been in the business journal, the Cupertino news print and the San Jose Mercury News Paper. So you see I have been some what successful in a small way, I was homeless when I started my small business you have my email and I can give a few reference”s, though it is just like starting out brand new. If any one would care to give me a discount on window washing equipment I would be in your debt.

  4. Katrina Hernandez says:

    I need someone from your organization to e-mail me ASAP regarding information posted about our services.

  5. Sandra Hietala says:

    Drop-in meals are no longer offered to the community at First Christian Church. This service was ended almost two years ago.

  6. bella says:

    what happend to houseing a good dear friend of mine is still waitting for houseing..hes been waitting alongtime whats going on with houseing.its paying less and less like to know..

  7. IF YOU ARE HOMELESS PLEASE GET INTO SOMETHING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.Try EHC. God Bless you and get in were it’s safe and you can get permanent housing.

  8. A. Stevenson (to Contact: Female, 17 Years of Age, San Jose California) says:

    Hi, if anyone could point me in the direction where I could, or could defer to a more appropriate authority, find the best options to give to/communicate to a minor, female, as an adult of non-family, no relation the best available options to find shelter, financial/medical, and drug-abuse prevention/assistance at – a friend living in a not-safe home, with no financial, or parental/legal assistance options (it seems) needs the best options she can get to know what she can, and has available to her so that she can get help with addiction, homelessless, and finding a safe/positive environment to meet basic needs.

    Please contact her, if anyone knows of these services that are easily, likely to be utilized, in a situation where some coaxing may be needed. I do not need to be contacted, but am available if needed.

    William M. Jiries

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hello, can you please update the description for Family Supportive Housing’s San Jose Family Shelter? Our new location is 692 N. King Rd., San Jose, 95133. The new call in hours only runs from 10-11 am. There is currently a wait list.

    Feel free to contact us with any questions at 408-926-8885.

  10. Updates have been done for Family Supportive Housing

  11. Alberto Gallegos says:

    This is just a comment: I work for one International company that requires me to speak Portuguese. Since my roots are Spanish, the “similarity” of languages are not that close, therefore I have to look for help. My suggestion is this, and not just for me, perhaps for others as well.
    Why not having a club that teach Portuguese? In other words: have the senior citizens to help us (none Portuguese speakers) and to teach us the language. This is a great opportunity for them (senior citizens) as well for us (students) who need to learn the language (Portuguese). As you know the best way to learn the language is in a place where the person is FORCE to speak the language. In this case, some of the senior citizens who are coming from another country are not 100% English speakers however they are 150% knowledgeable to speak and to teach his/her own language.
    Again this is just an idea, and if you have the person or persons and/or a place where I can sign up for Portuguese classes please let me know. Thank you for your time.
    Sincerely: Alberto Gallegos

  12. Anonymous says:

    please remove Council on Aging, we are now Sourcewise.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Done. Thank You for the Information

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