FREE DINNER (morgan hill) at The United Methodist Church


We Offer A Free Dinner Each Wednesday at The United Methodist Church located on Monterey Road
It is the Little White Church 17175 Monterey Rd, Morgan Hill, CA 95037
We Serve From 6-7 each week
Come Join us for FREE FOOD

The St. Vincent de Paul Society of St. Catherine Church Annual Free Children’s Clothes Closet Saturday, August 1st from 9am-4pm

Free Children’s Clothes Closet (morgan hill)

The St. Vincent de Paul Society of St. Catherine Church in Morgan Hill is hosting its Annual Free Children’s Clothes Closet on Saturday, August 1st from 9am-4pm. Children may “shop” (no charge) from gently used pants, shirts, dresses, jackets, shoes, and more. The event is located at 13570 Depot St. in San Martin. (The bus stop is nearby.) First come, first served. Children MUST accompany adults.

Family Supportive Housing, San Jose CA


To provide shelter and supportive services to homeless families in Santa Clara County, to empower them to move from homelessness to self-sufficiency in our community. 

Family Supportive Housing offers three distinctly different programs for families experiencing homelessness: San José Family Shelter, Bridges AfterCare and GlennArt Arms Transitional Housing. Each program encourages families to stay intact while offering numerous services that address their needs for food, shelter, clothing, education, and employment. Since our establishment in 1986, we have had a steadfast commitment to empowering both one and two parent families that are suffering homelessness to reach self-sufficiency.

Family Supportive Housing has been serving the Santa Clara County since 1986. New location is 692 N. King Rd., San Jose, 95133. The new call in hours only runs from 10-11 am. There is currently a wait list.

(408) 926-8885
To Donate and more information Please visit there website by clicking HERE



SATURDAYS at 10:15 AM (or as close as possible)
Hygiene kits
Second Saturday of each month
Socks and underwear
Last Saturday of each month

Other clothing items sometimes available

Please contact them at:

There’s a great need for provision for the poor. Though many organizations generously offer assistance, their pantries are often stocked with sub-par food that most of us wouldn’t buy for our own tables. We’re convicted that we’re called to do better.

Jesus said God is inviting us to a banquet. The Crossroads Bible Church downtown outreach tries to reflect that in some small way by offering those in need hearty, healthy sandwiches, generous with fresh ingredients.

People in need are often given no choice about what they’re served, so we offer a variety: turkey hummus, turkey Dijon, ham apple hummus, ham and pineapple, and veggie. Sandwiches are layered with spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, and mushrooms served on multi-grain bread. Hummus — usually made in our own kitchen — is offered as a reprieve from peanut butter, the food pantry staple for vegetarians.

As we distribute the sandwiches, Bibles, water, and hygiene kits, we aim to make each exchange singular and offer genuine care. We know that God set the standard for loving one another, and it’s a privilege to reflect that to our guests.

EHC LifeBuilders is now HomeFirst


Who is HomeFirst: You can check them out on FACEBOOK

Formerly EHC LifeBuilders, HomeFirst has been helping the homeless in Santa Clara County since 1980. We serve individuals, veterans, families with children, and youth at eight sites. In nearly 35 years of working with the homeless, we’ve learned that everyone has the potential to get housed and stay housed. We focus on successful “Housing First” strategies where we get people into their own homes as quickly as possible and then support them so they can stay housed permanently.

Call (408) 539-2100 and select option 1 if you are homeless, at risk of homelessness, or know someone who is, or if you’d like more information on how one of our programs can help you. You can also click this link for more information or call the Santa Clara County shelter hotline (1-800-774-3583) for pre-recorded information in English and Spanish on shelter availability for single men and women, families, and youth. Our services for adults and our shelter are located at the Boccardo Reception Center, 2011 Little Orchard Street, San Jose. You can take bus lines #66 or #68 and exit at Curtner Avenue Monterey Road. The BRC is also within walking distance of the Curtner Light Rail Station.


Domestic Violence, YMCA, San Jose Ca



domestic violence

I would like to encourage you all to watch this short video, it will change you, Just click on Watch Movie. Then the Play Button.

Domestic violence crosses all ethnic, racial, age, national origin, sexual orientation, religious, and socioeconomic lines. Domestic violence can happen to anybody.  In fact, studies suggest that one-fifth to one-third of all women will be physically assaulted by a partner or ex-partner during their lifetime.  In heterosexual relationships, 95 percent of all victims are female; and 95 percent of all perpetrators are male.  In same-sex relationships, domestic violence happens with the same statistical frequency as in heterosexual relationships. Find out how to recognize domestic violence by clicking here.

How to Stay Safe

  • Keep a cell phone available to call 911. Many local YWCAs offer a free cell phone for this purpose.
  • If you are in a violent relationship and are afraid, ask neighbors or nearby friends to call the police if they hear violence – you may not be able to call. You may also want to teach your children to phone 911 or get help if it will not seriously endanger them.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Stay in rooms with more than one exit so you do not get trapped in a room. Stay out of rooms with any sharp objects.
  • Use your judgment and intuition.
  • Keep an emergency bag with supplies in case you have to leave quickly.
  • Learn the signs of violence & get out when you see tension building.
  • Remove all sharp objects from countertops and line of sight.
  • Let trusted friends, family and work know what is happening so they can be there for you.
    Make copies of important records like bank accounts and financial information, birth certificates, Social Security cards, insurance agent, etc. Give them to someone you trust or hide them, preferably outside your home.

How to Stay Safe When Leaving an Abusive Relationship

  • Only let trusted friends & family know your plan.
  • If you are employed, talk to security at your job or your boss about the situation, so they can help you develop a work safety plan.
  • Gather and make copies of important documents.  Your local YWCA may be able to provide you an essential document list to help you plan what you will need.   
  • Take your children and pets.
  • Rehearse your departure.
  • Plan your escape route.
    PlNotify your children’s school if the other parent is not supposed to pick up children, and not to release information about your address or phone number. Some states allow you to use a state post office box number to protect your address.
    Vary your routes and times to and from work. Consider changing your work location.
  • Remember that no one deserves to be abused!

If You are Attacked

  • If an attack is in progress or about to happen, call 911. Protect yourself, children and pets.
  • Police policy is to arrest someone if they find that an assault has occurred.
  • If they arrest an abuser, the police should call a domestic violence advocate. Many local YWCAs have advocates, but if yours doesn’t the police will know whom to contact.
  • Go to a hospital emergency room if injuries are severe. Ask them to document injuries. Ask a nurse to call an advocate to provide support and help you with immediate safety planning.
  • Consider a domestic violence protection order.
  • Create a safety plan.
  • Document injuries with photos and witnesses. You may need them later.

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233); TTY 1-800-787-3224

Santa Maria Urban Ministry, San Jose, Ca

  • 778 South Almaden Avenue (at Union Street), San Jose, CA, 95110-2919
  • Phone: 1-408-292-3314
  • Email: smum83 [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Here is their website.

Food Pantry Hours

  • Donations accepted during Food Pantry hours:
    Monday – Saturday, 9 a.m. – Noon
  • Clients must arrive by 11:45 a.m. for service
  • Santa Maria Urban Ministry (SMUM) distributes food from supporters, including Second Harvest Food Bank, and Martha’s Kitchen, to about 1,800 people a month, half of whom are children. If a Client lives in one of these zip code areas, Santa Maria Urban Ministry is the designated food agency (Si usted vive en una de estas áreas del código postal, El Ministerio Urbano de Santa María es la agencia señalada del alimento):  95110, 95117, 95125, 95126, 95128, 95131, 95132 and 95134.

Welcome! Bienvenidos! Chào mừng!

Santa Maria Urban Ministry (SMUM) was founded as an outreach ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real in April 1983 to provide emergency food to the residents of San José’s inner city. In addition to continuing to serve the needs of our clients and promite their self-sufficiency, SMUM has developed transformative programs to serve the needs of and promote self-sufficiency within our community.

SMUM is a unique gathering place in our neighborhood where clients feel safe. At SMUM, clients can share their concerns with the staff and volunteers – caring individuals who know their stories, their struggles, their gifts, joys and hopes.

In spite of good efforts and solid programs, the need is growing faster than the resources. SMUM needs your support to accomplish its mission.