SATURDAYS at 10:15 AM (or as close as possible)
Hygiene kits
Second Saturday of each month
Socks and underwear
Last Saturday of each month

Other clothing items sometimes available

Please contact them at:

There’s a great need for provision for the poor. Though many organizations generously offer assistance, their pantries are often stocked with sub-par food that most of us wouldn’t buy for our own tables. We’re convicted that we’re called to do better.

Jesus said God is inviting us to a banquet. The Crossroads Bible Church downtown outreach tries to reflect that in some small way by offering those in need hearty, healthy sandwiches, generous with fresh ingredients.

People in need are often given no choice about what they’re served, so we offer a variety: turkey hummus, turkey Dijon, ham apple hummus, ham and pineapple, and veggie. Sandwiches are layered with spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, and mushrooms served on multi-grain bread. Hummus — usually made in our own kitchen — is offered as a reprieve from peanut butter, the food pantry staple for vegetarians.

As we distribute the sandwiches, Bibles, water, and hygiene kits, we aim to make each exchange singular and offer genuine care. We know that God set the standard for loving one another, and it’s a privilege to reflect that to our guests.

Parents Helping Parents, San Jose Ca


PHP increases the quality of life for our most vulnerable by providing services, resources and support for children with special needs, their families, and caregivers. Call 408-727-5775.

Does PHP only serve families with young children who have special needs?

PHP helps families who have children of any age with special needs. PHP’s family resource and service staff field calls from families having children from infancy through their child’s adulthood into their 50’s and 60’s! It is never too late to call PHP! Adult siblings who have responsibility for the care of their sibling with a disability call PHP too.

Willows Senior Center, Willow Glen, San Jose, Ca


Willows Senior Center

2175 Lincoln Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

(408) 448-6400 ‎

Among many great opportunities and Senior activitites in beautiful Willow Glen, San Jose Ca. Senior Center they also have SeniorNet. Check out the video.

SeniorNet provides computer & internet education for older adults and seniors. It is a non-profit organization founded in 1986 and now has learning centers across the world.

Southside Senior Center, San Jose, Ca



FAX: 408-629-3442

5585 Cottle Road, San Jose, CA 95123

Southside Senior Center caters to all seniors (50 and older) in the San Jose area. They provide a multitude of activities resulting in something for everyone. For example, card games, dancing, drama, ceramics, computer classes and computer availability, sewing, a variety of exercise classes, ping pong, horseshoes, etc., etc. Some activities have a fee while most are free or almost free. View the March monthly brochure for a list of all activities and their day and time. Here is their website.

Domestic Violence Video

Just saw this very powerful video on YouTube. I thought you might want to check it out.

Safe@work Coalition, Domestic Violence and the Workplace

Domestic Violence as a Workplace Issue

Domestic Violence is the leading cause of injury to women. It impacts one out of every four women. Problems of domestic violence frequently spill into the workplace. Batterers commit 13,000 violent acts against their partners in the workplace each year. Batterers also pose serious threats to the safety of their victims’ co-workers. Research shows that their husbands or boyfriends at work harassed 74 percent of employed battered women. Every month, domestic violence caused 56 percent of them to be late at least five times, 28 percent to leave early at least five days and 54 percent to be late for work at least five times. As a result many workers face disciplinary action.

Employment is the key to a domestic violence victim’s economic self-sufficiency, but the US General Accounting Office found that one-quarter to one-half of domestic violence victims surveyed lost a job due, at least in part, to domestic violence.

Go to the their website and download a PDF of their entire site.

The Domestic Violence Project of Silicon Valley California

If you or your family have been physically or emotionally abused please read the  Victums Handbook. If you live around Santa Clara County California you can find immediate help here.

If you live elsewhere, our web site is still for you. Then for help in your area call the National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800 799-SAFE (TDD 1-800-787-3224).

Here Is Their Website.