Narika, Domestic Violence Organization, San Jose Ca





Asian Women’s Home

Domestic Violence Organization

Crisis: 408-975-2739
Phone: 408-975-2730

Narika Helps Women Who:

  • Are abused by their husband or partner
  • Are abused by their in-laws and/or family members
  • Are being harrassed or stalked by an ex-husband/boyfriend/partner
  • Experienced violent and abusive homes
  • Are forced or pressured into arranged marriages
  • Are abondoned, divorced, or widowed
  • Have children who have witnessed maternal abuse
  • Are pressured and threatened by dowry demands
  • Are victims of rape
  • Are in abusive same-sex relationships
  • Are subjected to sexual harrassment or unwanted sexual advances in workplaces, homes, schools, colleges and other social settings
  • Are dealing with cultural identity issues, inter-generational conflict, and sexual identity issues

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